The “One Tree from You, One Forest from Us” Campaign

The One Tree From You One Forest From Us campaign, initiated by the ODTÜ Development Foundation in order to expand the ODTÜ FOREST, has grown with the support of ODTÜ members and all nature lovers within the framework of tree planting projects since 1958. 

The ODTÜ Development Foundation, which aims to support Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi in its endeavor to become a reputable world university by conducting education, scientific research, and community service activities at a universal level, tries to reach its aims within a social responsibility approach by developing scientific, cultural, social, and sports activities and liaisons through activities of public nature. 

Within the scope of the events around its 60th anniversary, the ODTÜ Development Foundation has aimed to rehabilitate and regenerate the degraded, barren forest land and erosion prone barren forest land in the ODTÜ 1 and ODTÜ 3 forests (around Ahlatlıbel and Lake Eymir) in accordance with the ecological and social functions delineated in the ODTÜ Forest functional management plan to better meet the operational aims through the “One Tree from You, One Forest from Us” campaign. 

The “One Tree from You, One Forest from Us” campaign was initiated with the Ankara Governorship’s approval dated 17.12.2013, and reforestation and rehabilitation work will take place with the financial and material support to be raised from all over Turkey in order to:

  • rehabilitate and render efficient 256 Hectares of degraded forest area,
  • increase forest presence by reforesting 100 hectares of barren forest land and erosion prone barren forest land,
  • contribute to the development and protection of forest ecology,
  • preserve the soil by preventing erosion,
  • contribute to the prevention of air pollution,
  • contribute to the prevention of noise pollution,
  • contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the surroundings of Lake Eymir,
  • enable road preservation for aesthetic purposes, and
  • increase and develop trekking routes. 

We need your support to flourish the ODTÜ Forest, which is a habitat for the Central Anatolian flora and fauna facing extinction, and a natural environment for wolves, foxes, partridges, rabbits, snakes, tortoises, addition to more than 140 bird and lake fish species as well as numerous mammals and reptiles.

We invite ALL OUR FRIENDS to contribute to adding new trees to the ODTÜ FOREST, which is one of the largest urban forest ecosystems in Turkey and maybe the World.

You can join our campaign until December 8, 2016.

The " One Tree from You, One Forest from Us" Campaign is conducted by ODTÜ and the ODTÜ Development Foundation; no third parties have been authorized.