ODTÜ, which started education in barracks 60 years ago and today hosts about 29.000 students on its 3 campuses (Ankara, Erdemli, and Northern Cyprus), continues to be among the best universities in the country with the education it provides. On the Ankara campus

  • 43 undergraduate,
  • 107 graduate, and
  • 69 post graduate

are run. There exist 15 undergraduate and 3 graduate programs at the Northern Cyprus Campus. About 30% of our students are enrolled in graduate and post graduate programs. Despite the rise in the number of its graduate students in proportion to its total student body, which is an indicator of its transformation into a research university, ODTÜ holds a reputable place worldwide with the undergraduate education it offers. ODTÜ, which has broken many grounds in Turkey since its establishment, achieved another first in 1994 by earning ABET accreditation, an important quality indictor in engineering education. Every undergraduate engineering program at ODTÜ is ABET accredited. In addition, ODTÜ represents Turkey with the highest ranks in international rankings, and as such, has succeeded in earning a place among the world’s best universities and enjoys international popularity. About 1700 international students study at ODTÜ, which is the first English medium university in Turkey. Until the present day, ODTÜ has graduated more than 120.000 students, and thanks to the quality education, its graduates work in important positions, not only in Turkey but also in many countries worldwide. Among our alumni are many well-known people in business, politics, science, and arts, and ODTÜ cultivates managers who work in top positions in different sectors.

Apart from adding new achievements in its graduate education, ODTÜ’s vision for the future consists of continuing its 60-year leader position in undergraduate education among Turkish universities, the number of which increases continuously as well as increasing its international reputation.